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chapter 2 - Chapter 2 The History of the Family*The Study...

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Chapter 2: The History of the Family *The Study of the Family Began in the 1960s Women & Gender (roles in family) Public family as old as civilization (private family is more contemporary) *Family & Kinship Hunter-gatherers : people who wander through forests or over plains in small bands, hunting animals & gathering edible plants o Typically, women cared for the children, stayed closer to home, & searched for plants. o The group moved around a lot so it consisted of a core-group, no extended relatives. o Still exists today in places such as Australia, Africa, and Eskimos. 10,000 years ago, began to settle o led to larger kin groups o farmed own animals and stayed in one place o patrilineages- traced from father o matrilineages- traced from mother o lineages limited # of people who had access to resources What Do Families Do? Ensure order Defend against outsides Provides labor Assist others in group Recruit new members -Most Western societies begin with small family units. Conjugal family: husband, wife & children Extended family: other relatives present in household Ex: Chinese nations follow patrilineages for generations increasing fam unit. Ex: African nations followed polygamy & polyandry, which increased family unit. -Family and kinship systems were developed to provide fundamental needs Food production Defense Made for survival so public family is more common than private ^^^ Before 1700s *Historical Family Activities Production Familial Reproduction = Mode of Consumption Production -Characteristics: Self-sufficient, farming family Grow food, raise animals, produce clothing and build dwellings **The American Family before 1776
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American Indian Families o
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