Chapter 4

Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: Social class and family Families and...

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Chapter 4: Social class and family Families and the Economy: Economic Reconstructing Technological changes Saw advances in communication and transportation, which lead to jobs moving overseas Unequal distribution of Family Income - the proportion of the total income of all families in the nation that each family receives - Male earning became more unequal - There was a growth of single-parent families - Singles in general make less than couple - Females in general make less than males with the same education or skills - There was a movement of middle-class wives to the workforce Two definitions of poverty: Absolute poverty: minimum level of subsistence that no family should be expected to live below. Poverty so severe that one lacks the resources to survive. Relative poverty : a state of poverty that occurs when we compare ourselves to those around us Poverty line: a federally defined income limit defined as the cost of an “economy” diet for a family, multiplied by three (based on the idea that most people spend most of their income on food, and so the rest is for living expenses) This is done every year, and it serves as an official definition of who is poor. - The lower the line, the better society looks. Changes over time in the percentages of families that fall above or below the line Defining Social Class Social class - an ordering of all persons in a society according to their degrees of economic resources, prestige, and privilege -Influences one’s life chances -Your life chances may be improved by your education, or family context but they can also be hindered by discrimination or segregation -This also provides you a status group - which are usually distinguished by prestige or their privilege
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Bringing in Gender and Family Past social class research focused on men The family tied to class location of the father Now, more appropriate to focus on the family unit
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Chapter 4 - Chapter 4: Social class and family Families and...

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