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Chapter 6 cori - Ch. 6: Sexualities Historically- -By the...

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Ch. 6: Sexualities Historically— -By the late 19 th and early 20 th centuries, two major categories developed: Heterosexual Homosexual *Sexual Identities -sexual identity: a set of sexual practices and attitudes that lead to the formation in a person’s mind of an identity as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual Helps us define who we are *The Emergence of Sexual Identities -Sexual Acts versus Sexual Identities Only two categories of sexual activities existed: o Those socially approved (sex within marriage) o Those socially disapproved (everything else…)… Even if u participated in same sex intercourse back then, you weren’t considered homosexual. Concept requires self-consciousness and self-examination. Became more prominent as we moved toward expressive individualism. -The Emergence of Heterosexuality and Homosexuality Public campaign against homosexuality Medical literature (psychological disease/mental illness) o Model dominant until 1973. Then APA removed it from its list of mental disorders. Up until that time, the model served as a way to discriminate against homosexuals. And gave an identity for it because it had never had one until now. *Determinants of Sexual Identities -The Social Constructionist Perspective Social constructionist perspective (on sexuality): maintains sexual identities are entirely socially created o Point to cultural and historical variations and argue that sexual categories are defined by the society we live in Kinsey Report- a 1948 book by Alfred Kinsey detailing the results of thousands of interviews with men about their sexual behavior. Half of all men have had neurotic feelings towards other men. 1/8 have had a homosexual relationship within the last 3 years. His report wasn’t accurate of the whole population. Interviewed well off white men from the North. In ancient Greece or Rome, men were allowed to participate in same sex intercourse. Today, in Brazil, who’s homosexual and who’s not is defined differently. Based on the role in the relationship…Masculine role was the heterosexual and feminine role was the homosexual.
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Chapter 6 cori - Ch. 6: Sexualities Historically- -By the...

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