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Final_Study_Guide - THTR 1020 Sec 09 Spring 2010 Final Exam...

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THTR 1020 Sec. 09 Spring 2010 Final Exam Study Guide Instructor: Chris Nelson Your final exam will be based ONLY on the chapters outlined in this document. Be sure you study these chapters thoroughly, and don’t just confine yourselves to the lectures or just the key terms. But be sure you are familiar with all the key terms from each chapter, and about each concept in these chapters. As far as proper names, be sure to review them from your class notes, pay special attention to those names, and any persons in the chapters that have special significance (Like “the father of…” or “the first to….” Etc.). I also recommend that you look through each lecture to be sure that part of one of the below chapters was not covered. I have provided the name of the lecture on this particular chapter next to the name of the chapter. These are the Chapters: 3 – Theatre and Cultural Diversity - Lecture: Theatre and Culture 4 – Experiencing and Analyzing Plays - Lecture: Freedom of Speech (and other stuff)
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