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Self Defense Essay - Kendi Murungi Theatre 1020 Section 9...

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Kendi Murungi Theatre 1020, Section 9 April 1, 2010 Self-Defense, or death of some salesmen The play Self-Defense is a story about a young woman named Jolene Palmer who is a prostitute and an alleged serial killer. This play is based off of one of the few real life female serial killers, Aileen Wournos. Throughout the play Jolene claims self-defense after being accused of murdering several men. The court, however, has many issues with her testimony due to her occupation as a prostitute. But as the plot unravels the viewer learns of Jolene’s rough past and can begin to understand her actions from a different point of view. Still, Jolene struggles to prove to everyone that she is in fact, innocent, and that the men got what they deserved for trying to take advantage of her. The premise of the play was whether or not the court could objectively rule Jolene Palmer’s case based on just her word of mouth or completely disregard it because of her occupation as a prostitute. The specific choice of clothing was supposed to relate to the theme of the play because it is set in a mortuary. However, Jolene is still alive so this was ill fitting to the setting. The attire was relative to the actual story because she was on trial so her being in a prison jumpsuit was appropriate. The garments did distract from the theme because it did not always make sense with the amount of flashbacks why Jolene was always wearing the prison jumpsuit. It would have been easier to follow if the character was dressed in clothing that went with each scene. For example, when the police chief offers Jolene a drink at the bar, it would have been more suitable if she were dressed in regular women’s clothing. Yet she is in her prison jumpsuit and this takes
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away from the validity of the scene because something like this would never happen. Another example is when Jolene is with her wife Lu supposedly about to go out to
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Self Defense Essay - Kendi Murungi Theatre 1020 Section 9...

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