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THTR 1020: Introduction to Theatre Spring Semester 2010; Section 09 Instructor: Chris Nelson 3 Credit hours Instructor Information Email: [email protected] Office Hours: Monday/Friday 4:00-5:00 or by Appointment COURSE OBJECTIVES: THTR 1020 understands theatre as a performance event that communicates to its audience through the medium of the stage. It is a visual, verbal, and aural art form experienced in live performance. Theatre has been practiced in many cultures, across many time periods. Its vitality in large part derives from its communal function, as societies use theatre to envision and debate their most important values, aims, and identities. Objectives: 1. To understand the roles and contributions of the collaborative theatre artists in the production process. 2. To appreciate theatre practices and conventions in various cultures and time periods. 3. To develop the skills and concepts that will enable students to respond to and evaluate theatrical event (and the artistic choices therein). 4. To recognize how theatre fosters encounter with social issues and cultural debate. TEXT The Art of Theatre: Then and Now 2 nd ed. by William Missouri Downs, Lou Anne Wright, and Erik Ramsey ISBN: 9780495572336 *All other reading will be available on the LSU databases or provided by your instructor. Description of Graded Assignments: A brief description of your graded assignments follows: 1. Tests : You will take two “regular” tests on the reading and lectures from class. The format will consist of “objective” questions taken from the text, lectures, and in-class activities. You will be required to take both tests at the testing center in Himes Hall. More information is available on Moodle. 2. Final Examination : Your final exam will be somewhat comprehensive, and will also be at the testing center. It will consist ONLY of questions from the following Chapters from your textbook: 3 – Theatre and Cultural Diversity 4 – Experiencing and Analyzing Plays THTR 1020 Sec. 9 Syllabus Spring 2010: Nelson Page 1
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5 – A Day in the Life of the Theatre 6 – The Playwright and the Script 7 – The Art of Acting 8 – The Art of Directing 9 – The Art of Design 11 – Non-Western Theatre 12 – The Greeks to the Rise of Christianity 14 – The Renaissance 16 – Modern Theatre 17 – The Musical 3. Test on Harvest : We will read and discuss Harvest (April 26) by Manjula Padmanabhan, which is posted on Moodle. On that day you will also take a short test on the play. 4. Essay : You will write an approximately 1000-word essay after viewing an LSU Theatre or Swine Palace production. Details for this assignment will be provided to you at a later date. 5. Project
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Syllabus - THTR 1020 Introduction to Theatre Spring...

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