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THTR 1020 Project Portfolio Guidelines Instructor: Chris Nelson Each student will turn in a portfolio with materials from their work on the project. The portfolios are due at the final exam. I expect the journals to be clean, organized, and creative. You don’t have to make a piece of art out of it, though you’re welcome to do so. It should not be a bunch of paper and things shoved in a used notebook. Try to avoid sticking things into pockets. Divide your journal into sections so things will be easy to find. At least your name and the play you worked on should be on the outside of the journal. Creativity on your journal will only help you; however it will not save you from having only a little content. Make sure you are writing entries in the journal every time you meet, rehearse, or work on something pertaining to the project. Don’t make it all at the last minute. It’s easy to spot when you do. Keep all correspondence pertaining to the project so you can include it in the portfolio.
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THTR_1020_Project_Portfolio_Guidelines - THTR 1020 Project...

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