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Target Market Research

Target Market Research - Boston is also close to New York...

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Target Market Research As co-owners of Daddy’s Girl, we decided to open our store in the popular shopping area of Newberry Street, located in Boston, Massachusetts. Boston is considered to be one of the most popular visited cities in the United States because of its wonderful weather. Here, Boston has weather seasons, which will allows our customers to be able to dress “according to season”, keeping up with the latest fashion. Our ideal target market varies from age 18 to 25. The reason for choosing this age group is that we found them to be more willing to try new fashion. The Boston area also has an artsy group of people, which will branch out instead of trying to look like one another.
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Unformatted text preview: Boston is also close to New York, which is the biggest fashion capital in the United States, which will bring in a wide range of customers as well. There are also numerous of college campuses around the Boston area, that we plan on bringing attention to the women entering and graduating from this area. Boston also has the average household income of $72358, and a median disposable income of $41285. Knowing that our potential customers have such a high disposable income, assures us that our low costing merchandise will turn a few heads in the area....
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