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company research - Group 6 Julia Kahn Allison Lee Laurel...

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Group 6 Julia Kahn, Allison Lee, Laurel Morgan, Bethany Romero, Kacy Romero Phase 1: Company Research Anthropologie was founded by one of the richest men in Pennsylvania, Richard Hayne. In 1992, Anthropologie opened its first store in Wayne, Pennsylvania. It offers many different products from apparel to home furnishings. Hayne decided to start Anthropologie because he wanted to offer women of many different ages the opportunity to escape and connect with products that made them feel beautiful. Haynes not only owns Anthropologie, but also two other brands including Urban Outfitters and Free People. There are currently over 135 locations of Anthropologie in the United States. Anthropologie can also be found internationally in Toronto and Vancouver. Customers can now shop on the Internet in our online catalogs. Orders from our catalogs can now be shipped to over 30 countries. The Global presidents are Wendy McDevitt and Wendy Wurtzburger. Organization Anthropologie offers an emailing list and those who sign up can receive an advance notice of sales, new merchandise and store openings. Along with their website, they also offer a catalog to be mailed. Customers have to fill out their information to obtain one of their catalogs, which helps in the adverting and marketing for the Anthropologie business. The return policy for the store is that a full refund will be credited to the original method of payment. A way Anthropologie stands out from other retail stores it is it offers a personal stopper. All the customer has to do is apply on
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company research - Group 6 Julia Kahn Allison Lee Laurel...

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