Step 2 - Step 2 Country Analysis Guatemala a country known...

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Step 2- Country Analysis Guatemala, a country known for its mountains, heavy forests, its scattered Mayan ruins, lakes, volcanoes, and one of the most beautiful countries in Central America. It is the most populous country in Central America. It is run by an oligarchy of wealthy landowners and big business interests that reap the country's agricultural and commercial rewards at the expense of the rest of the population. Military dictators and figurehead- presidents have headed the country, but the ultimate control belongs to the Army. Their current president is Álvaro Colom . The economic growth fell in 2009 as export demand from U.S. and other Central American markets declined and foreign investment slowed amid the global recession, but the economy recovered gradually in 2010 and will likely return to more normal growth rates by 2012. Guatemala continues to be a country without social or economic justice. Guatemala was well-positioned for rapid economic growth over the next several years, until a financial crisis in 1998 disrupted the course of improvement. Over the past several years, tourism and exports of textiles, apparel, and nontraditional agricultural products such as winter vegetables, fruit, and cut flowers have boomed, while more traditional exports such as sugar, bananas, and coffee continue to represent a large share of the export market. According to the World Bank, Guatemala has one of the most unequal income distributions in the hemisphere. The wealthiest 20% of the population consumes 51% of Guatemala’s GDP. As a result, about 51% of the population lives on less than $2 a day and 15% on less than $1 a day. Guatemala's social development indicators, such as infant mortality, chronic child malnutrition, and illiteracy, are among the worst in the hemisphere. (U.S Department of State) Relations between the United States and Guatemala traditionally have been close, although at times strained by human rights and civil/military issues. The United States, as a member of "the Friends of Guatemala," along with Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Norway,
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Step 2 - Step 2 Country Analysis Guatemala a country known...

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