Anthropologie’s typical target market are women who are 30

Anthropologie’s typical target market are women who are 30

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Anthropologie’s typical target market are women who are 30-45 years old. Typically those who have graduated from college, working women, and the women with children. These women’s average income ranges from $150,000-$200,000. Their clothing is intricately designed and classic in detail, which is another reason that makes them so expensive. Offering merchandise that is different than any other store, but can also be worn numerous amounts of times makes them desirable for many of their customers. Anthropologie satisfies their customers needs by offering unique merchandise, keeping their stores in stock, having an online store, and many other superior customer servise needs. Anthropoligie directs efforts to their target market by having eye-catching merchandise for those shoppers with money to spend on clothing, as well as the money to spend on furniture. They do not advertise because their store name is typically well known, and rely on word of mouth to getting new customers. The money that would go to advertisement goes
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Unformatted text preview: towards furnishing the store, which helps keep their customers entertained to getting them to come back. By offering clothing items, shoes, handbags, accessories, jewelry, furniture, etc, it makes it a one-stop shop that is convenient for their customers to not have to worry about going elsewhere. Anthropologie stores are normally located in open areas that avoid shopping malls where it typically gets to crowd and parking is hard. By strategically placing their stores in convenient locations, they have a competitive advantage over their competitors. I find that Anthropologie has an effective retail strategy considering they do not need to do any advertising to get their customers to shop in their store, they continue to sell merchandise at high prices without needing incentives for their customers to buy, and many customers continue to be loyal to them because of their merchandise and the brands they offer in store....
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