Finding New Markets for Louisiana’s Alligator Industry

Finding New Markets for Louisiana’s Alligator Industry

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Finding New Markets for Louisiana’s Alligator Industry” Teresa A. Summers, Bonnie D. Belleau, Terri Von Hoven, Kelly L. Nowlin and Yingjiao Xu Alligator.pdf incorporates-alligator-leather-in-fashion-design-1.2613387#.Toj61HNZW1c Strategies to promote alligator products: Introduce the product to other local markets, by selling the product in stores you have to opportunity to gain access to their customers to love your product. The younger generation is currently spending the most money on products in today’s market, so in order to satisfy their needs, we need to show them how the use of alligator products can benefit them. The use of alligator is at a very high demand right now, especially for the high-end
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Unformatted text preview: alligator skin. Since the demand is so high, and the availability for high-end skin cannot meet the needs of such demand, thus the use of a lower quality alligator skin can be used to help suffice the demand. Grade 3 alligator skin can be broken up to other uses other than fashion. You are able to work around the flawed skin or use it to make your merchandise unique. Since the lower-grade alligator skin comes more from the wild life, than the farm raised alligator, there is move availability to wild life skin, than waiting on the farm raised to grow. Usually those killed in the wild, and have lower grade skin, are bigger than farm raised one, and have more skin to giveeven if there are flaws. Not all the skin has flaws, and it is significantly cheaper than grade 1 alligator skin....
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