Group 4 - Group 4 Treadwell's is a department stored that...

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Group 4 Treadwell’s is a department stored that was founded in 1898 by Oliver Treadwell, in American Southwest. Treadwell is known for carrying exclusive merchandise that relates to the region that the store is located in. Their locations are in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Arizona, with their distribution center in Phoenix, Arizona. Treadwell’s departments traditionally have moderate to better price apparel, accessories, and home furnishings. In the case study, Tiffany Brentwood is now the buyer for women’s sleepwear and loungewear, and wants to enhance the image for the Southwest. She wants her merchandise to have the look of traditional Native American blanket designs. The resources she found for different groups: pajamas, nightshirts, and tunics with matching leggings, they are 100 percent cotton knit and are produced in fashionable colors. She discovered that both Southwest Specialties and JC Enterprises to produce the merchandise she desires, and is trying to figured out which one would offer the best prices for her store. Southwest Specialties must have a $5,000 minimum before making their purchase and does not cover shipping. The shipping cost is $4.50/dozen. They are offering to share advertisement with the store and can guarantee that their merchandise will always be available to order. JC Enterprises does not have a minimum and since they are a local store, they cover the shipping. The down side is that they do not guarantee that
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Group 4 - Group 4 Treadwell's is a department stored that...

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