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Unformatted text preview: Group Assignment-Comparison Shopping The objective of this assignment is to have you take the retailer’s perspective and think about the different retail mixes they offer and how they compare to other retailers. The assignment is to pretend you are responsible for a merchandise category. Conduct a comparison of the retail offering for the specific merchandise category such as men’s suits, women’s athletic shoes, and women’s dresses for two different retailers. The retailers selected can be direct competitors using the same format such at Macy’s and Dillards department stores or retailers selling similar merchandise with different formats like Wal-Mart and Circuit City The comparison should include the following: 1. (15 pts.) The strategy pursued by the two retailers –each retailer’s target market and general approach toward satisfying the needs of the target market. Specifically, a) the target market the you think the retailer is directing its efforts and why b) how the retailer strives...
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