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ECE3552_ArthurLyssenko_ChristianStumpf - ECE 3552...

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ECE 3552: Micro-Computer Systems 2 Final Project Spring ‘08 Name: Arthur Lyssenko Partner: Christian Stumpf
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Purpose: The purpose of our project was to demonstrate the skills and techniques we have acquired throughout the course of the semester. For our final project, we chose to work with audio processing and more specifically the integrated SDRAM functionality of the Blackfin Processor. We noticed a lot of the other groups in the class chose to work with image processing so we wanted to do something different. The main objective of our project was to display the onboard SDRAM functionality and its ability to store variable sized data streams using array data types. A major part of our Micro 2 course revolved around communication between two Blackfin boards using the UART port. We choose to integrate UART functionality and enable the sending of an audio sample from one board to another. Using our previous knowledge with audio filters we then applied 3 different filtered to the audio on the receiving end. Functionality: Although there are two separate programs (transmit and receive) in our project, the actual audio processing and saving occurs on the transmitting side and is then sent over to the receiving end. When looking at the transmitting board: Button 1 (PF8) allows for live audio to be loaded into the dma output buffer. PF9 starts recording the live audio and stores it in an Array named “AUIDO”. AUIDO is then filled until it reached the “audio_count++” limit which is equal to the size of the buffer (380000). When recording for a long time, once the
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ECE3552_ArthurLyssenko_ChristianStumpf - ECE 3552...

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