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ECE 4551 - Computer Architecture Special Project: Bubble Sorting Algorithm Mimi T. Phan December 14, 2004 V. Kepuska Program Description:
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The following program uses the bubble sorting method to place a fixed array of values from least to greatest. How to Run the Bubble Sort Program: 1. Open the SRC Architecture program which is named, SCRTools v3.0.5. If you’re on Windows, you can click on icon to launch program. On Linux, you can type java –jar SCRTools v3.0.5 in a terminal window to launch program. 2. Once SRC program is open, click on the Load button located on the interface. 3. Once the Load button has been clicked, a window will appear asking for a specific program to run. Select “bubblesort.asm” from specified directory or location and click OK. 4. Click on the Edit button. This will prompt the user with another window containing the assembly code. 5. Click the Assemble button located on the top of the same window. 6. In the main SRC program window, locate the box underneath “Loc”. Type in “4256”. This indicates the location in which the array of values is stored. 7. Go back to the second window, and click on the Bin Sim Button. This will place values in the Offset boxes located in the main program window. 8. Locate the BreakPt checkbox next to “f8000000” and “stop”, and click on it. This will ensure that the program will stop running once it’s done performing operation. 9. Click on the Run button to execute program. Bubble Sort Algorithm w/Comments:
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ComputerArchitectureSpecialProject-BubbleSort - ECE 4551...

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