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Extra Credit Project Link-List Searching Algorithms Name : Leighton Rowe Submitted: February 11, 2012 Course: Computer Architecture (ECE 4551) Time: Tuesday & Thursday 6:30pm – 7:45pm
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Objective The objective of is to implement and manipulate linked list data structures. Introduction There are several data types that are available in assembly language: hexadecimals, BCD integers, and signed/unsigned integers, and Boolean variables. Data structures (used in High-Level Languages) can be implemented in assembly language by using existing data types. Background There are two main types of data structures: arrays and linked-lists. Arrays, also called tables, consist of a set of items (made from a single data type) that are stored in contiguous (consecutive) memory locations. Linked-list consists of data elements stored in non-contiguous memory locations. A Linked List is a collection of self-referential nodes connected by pointers (links). Linked-list has an extensive address manipulation capability because each member is interlinked with each other. Linked lists are accessed using a pointer to the first node to the list. Usually the last node in linked lists is terminated by a null value. Linked lists, if dynamically allocated, only becomes full when the system runs out of
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ece4551extracredit - Extra Credit Project Link-List...

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