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ECE 4553 Multifarious Systems II

ECE 4553 Multifarious Systems II - ECE 4553 MULTIFARIOUS...

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ECE 4553 MULTIFARIOUS SYSTEMS II CRN 87212 This course is continuation of ECE3553 Multifarious Systems 1 course. It covers advanced topics of web design. It is centered on reinforcing the advanced topics of the client side solutions such JavaScript language, AJAX, and XML with XSL. In addition, it introduces in depth Microsoft's ASP.NET server-side technology and LINQ associated technology that enables the application to manipulate the data from the databases, and Sliverlight. In addition, the new development platform using Microsoft Expression will be introduced and used. Instructor: Dr. Veton Këpuska Contact Info: Olin Engineering Building, Office # 353 Tel. (321) 674-7183 E-mail: [email protected] http://my.fit.edu/~vkepuska/ece4553 Textbook(s): Visual C# 2010 How to Program (4th Edition), Harvey Deitel & Paul Deitel , Pearson, Prentice Hall JavaScript by Example, Second Edition, Quigley, Prentice Hall. Reference Material: Outline Develop a complete web-based application using cutting edge technologies.
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