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Pitch Estimation by Enhanced Super Resolution determinator

2b to program following by esrfd algoithm the result

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Unformatted text preview: of speech. Enhance SRFD (eSRFD) is the performances of the SRFD which can reduce the occurrence of error involved in the extraction of fundamental frequency[1]. It have occurrence error in the result which depend on kind of speech waveform. In addition, the result in this project has more occurrence error than Paul Baghaw's result[2] because of the problem from design to implement programming follow by eSRFD algorithm. References [1] Pual Christopher Bagshaw (1994). Automatic prosodic analysis for computer aided pronunciation teaching. The university of Edinburgh. [2] Bagshaw, Paul C, Hiller, S M, Jack, Mervyn A (1993). Enhanced pitch tracking and the processing of f0 contours for computer aided intonation teaching. International Speech Communication Association. In Proc. Eurospeech '93, Berlin, volume 2, pages 10031006, 1993....
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