Pitch Estimation by Enhanced Super Resolution determinator

Pitch estimation by enhanced super resolution

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Unformatted text preview: Pitch Estimation by Enhanced Super Resolution determinator By Sunya Santananchai Chia-Ho Ling Objective Estimate value of the fundamental ` ` a frequency of speech F by using F Enhance Super Resolution determinator (eSRFD) a Introduction The fundamental frequency of speech is defined as the rate of glottal pluses generated by the vibration of the vocal folds. The pitch of speech is the perceptual correlate of fundamental frequency . The fundamental frequency of speech is important in the prosodic features of stress and intonation. fundamental frequency determination Algorithm (FDAs). Determine the fundamental frequency of speech waveform or analyzing the pitch automatically. Desire to examine methods of fundamental frequency extraction which use radically different techniques The algorithms to determine the F ` a Cepstrum-based determinator (CFD) (Noll, 1969). Harmonic product spectrum (HPS) (Schroeder, 1968; Noll, 1970) Feature-based tracker (FBFT) (Phillips, 1985) Parallel processing method (PP) (Gold & Rabiner, 1969) Integrated tracking algorithm (IFTA) (Secrest & Doddington, 1983) Super resolution determinator (SRFD) (Medan et al., 1991) Enhance Su...
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