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Koneru.Dileep Narayan Praat Prosodic Feature Extraction Tool INTRODUCTION: There has been an increasing interest in utilizing a wide variety of knowledge sources in order to perform automatic tagging of speech events, such as sentence boundaries and dialogue acts. In addition to the word spoken, the prosodic content of the speech has been proved quite valuable in a variety of spoken language processing tasks such as sentence segmentation and tagging, dis_uency detection, dialog act segmentation and tagging, and speaker recognition.Here in this project I used an open source prosodic tool for extracting the prosodic analysis.This tool uses praat for its implementation. Feature Description Duration features : Duration features are obtained based on the word and phone alignments of human transcriptions (or ASR output). Pause duration and its normalization after each word boundary are extracted.We also measure the duration of the last vowel and the last rhyme, as well as their normalizations, for each word preceding a boundary. The duration and the normalized duration of each word are also included as duration features. F0 features : Praat 's autocorrelation based pitch tracker is used to obtain raw pitch values. The pitch baseline and topline, as well as the pitch range, are computed based on the mean and variance of the logarithmic F0 values. Voiced/unvoiced (VUV) regions are identi_ed and the original pitch contour is stylized over each voiced segment. Several different types of F0 features are computed based on the stylized pitch contour. Range features : These features re_ect the pitch range of a single word or a window preceding or following a word boundary. These include the minimum, maximum, mean, and last F0 values of a speci_c region (i.e., within a word or window) relative to each word boundary. These
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features are also normalized by the baseline F0 values, the topline F0 values, and the pitch range using linear difference and log difference. Movement features
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praat-prosody documentation - Koneru.Dileep Narayan Praat...

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