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1202.CQ2 - in which no frictional effects act is adiabatic...

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MAE 1202: Aerospace Practicum Name: _____________________________ Concept Quiz #2 Circle all the answer choices that apply: 1. An inviscid flow has (negligible changes in density / the flow is moving less than 100 m/s / friction may be neglected / gravity may be neglected). 2. An unsteady flow is one that (has variable density / is highly viscous / changes with time / is independent of time / none of the above). 3. An incompressible flow passes through a nozzle with area ratio 2:1. The exit velocity will be (the same as the inlet velocity / twice the inlet velocity / 4 times the inlet velocity / there is not enough information to say for sure). 4. An isentropic process is described as (one in which no heat is added or taken away / one
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Unformatted text preview: in which no frictional effects act / is adiabatic / is reversible). 5. The Bernoulii equation applies to (compressible flows, but only if they are frictionless inviscid / only to flows that are incompressible and inviscid / any flow that is steady / an incompressible flow with friction). 6. Euler’s equation (relates a change of momentum to a force / applies for viscous flows / applies for compressible flows / applies for incompressible flows / applies for unsteady flows / is more general than the Bernoulli equation). 7. The continuity equation may be applied for (invscid / compressible / frictionless / adiabatic / constant density / viscous) flows. 2...
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