MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 1

MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 1 - MAE 1202 Aerospace Practicum...

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MAE 1202: Aerospace Practicum Assigned: January 12 or 13, 2012 Laboratory Homework #1 Due: January 20, 2012 Introduction: The standard atmosphere is an important model that allows scientists and engineers to quickly determine pressure, temperature and density of the air at various altitudes. The standard atmosphere is described in detail in Chapter 3 of Introduction to Flight by J.D. Anderson, Jr., and you should review this section of the textbook to facilitate completion of the laboratory homework assignment. The goals of this assignment are two-fold: 1) Review the standard atmosphere as an engineering tool, and 2) Practice in utilizing MS Word and Excel for engineering calculations and data presentation. Motivation: The variation of atmospheric properties with changes in altitude is of significant importance for the design of aerospace vehicles. For example, gas turbine engines, Figure 1, are highly sensitive to operating environment. The pressure inside the combustor (or burner) where fuel and air are mixed and burned to generate power may be significantly less at cruise altitude (~ 5 atm.) than at take-off conditions (~ 30 atm.). This has a substantial impact on the chemical processes taking place within the combustor. As a second example, consider that the performance a rocket nozzle is highly dependent on atmospheric pressure (often referred to as the back pressure). Rocket nozzles of fixed geometry, such as the Space Shuttle Main Engine (SSME) nozzle shown in Figure 2, operate ideally at only one altitude. For atmospheric pressures that are higher (lower altitudes) and atmospheric pressures that are lower (higher altitudes) the nozzle is actually operating in an ‘off-design’ mode. A major challenge in rocket design is associated with the
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MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 1 - MAE 1202 Aerospace Practicum...

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