MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 4

MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 4 - document For Part 1 include Objects...

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MAE 1202: Aerospace Practicum Assigned: February 9 or 10, 2012 Laboratory Homework #4 Due: February 24, 2012 The purpose of this homework assignment is to gain further proficiency using ProEngineer and to create some simple, yet highly instructive, practice objects. While these might not exactly be complex aerospace components, practice with these objects will give you a good feel for creating more complex geometries in the future. Future ProE assignments will ask you to create components from modern and future concept airplanes and rockets. Part 1: Your goal here is to create parts that resemble the figures below as closely as possible. You can use any value of dimensions that you like, but what is important is capturing the scale of the objects. 1
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Part 2: Complete any 2 of the 3 drawings. Note on submission: After you have created, saved, and selected an appropriate orientation view for your drawings, export each as a jpeg (.jpeg) file. Insert each drawing into a single MS word
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Unformatted text preview: document. For Part 1, include Objects 1-3 on a single page and Objects 4-6 on the second page. For Part 2, insert the 2 selected drawing onto a single page. Number your pages. Use the MS Word Caption option to put a simple caption under each of your figures. Print and submit the assignments by Friday, February 24, 2012. If you have any questions on how to create the drawings or export the .jpeg files consult your TA’s or stop by my office hours. Extra Credit: Some of you will undoubtedly become extremely proficient with ProE very quickly and will find this assignment of little challenge. If this is the case, find an aerospace part, component, or vehicle that you think you can model in a reasonable amount of time with the techniques you have learned so far. Based on the complexity and intricacy of your choice, you can earn up to 5 extra points on this assignment. 2...
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MAE 1202 Lab Hmk 4 - document For Part 1 include Objects...

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