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Matlab Lab Notes 1

Matlab Lab Notes 1 - Aerospace Practicum Introduction to...

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Aerospace Practicum Introduction to MATLAB Lecture #1 Based on Chapter 15 of Engineering Fundamentals: An Introduction to Engineering By: Saeed Moaveni © 2005 Nelson Students provided with a copy of Chapter 15 0: Comments on Blackboard and Homework Submission Laboratory homework assignment #1 due by 11am on Friday, January 20, 2012 1: Basic Ideas Open/Launch MATLAB Menu Bar Current Directory Launch Pad Window Command Window Command History Window Moving window outside desktop and returning to default view Show how to type some basic commands x=5 y=2 x+y 2*x+3*x/y z=3*y^2 use up arrow to retrieve commands or select and drag from command history window clc: clears contents of the command window, but does not erase variables that are in current memory clear: erases all variables from current memory Generating a range of values x=0:25:100 x=0:5:100 countdown=5:-1:0 Matrix Operations Go to Example 15.4 Show examples of matrix addition ([A]+[B]=[B]+[A]), multiplication ([A] [B]≠[B][A]), transpose and how to find the determinant Go to Example 15.5
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