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Exam 2 2011 - 5310 Combustion Fundamentals Exam 2 Name...

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5310: Combustion Fundamentals Name:_____________________________________ Exam 2 November 10, 2011 Consider the Zeldovich mechanism given by equations N.1 and N.2 in Chapter 5 of An Introduction to Combustion by Stephen Turns (page 171, 3 rd edition). 1. Write out the governing differential equations for the time evolution of the concentration of each species within the Zeldovich mechanism. 2. Using any tool and solution technique you prefer, solve this coupled set of differential equations as a function of time for each species for the following fixed set of conditions: a. T = 300 K, P = 1 atm b. T = 1,000 K, P = 1 atm c. T = 2,000 K, P = 1 atm d. T = 2,000 K, P = 10 atm e. T = 3,000 K, P = 1 atm f. T = 3,000 K, P = 10 atm 3. Other instructions and outputs: a. Use any initial conditions you like for each of the species in each of the cases. i. Think carefully of how you want to set up the initial conditions to make the best comparisons between cases (a) – (f). Is it best to set the initial conditions as molar concentrations for case (a) – (f)? Or perhaps is it better to set the initial number of moles of each species in a fixed volume
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Exam 2 2011 - 5310 Combustion Fundamentals Exam 2 Name...

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