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Summary of important/relevant points in the Price Coriolis Tutorial Note that my editorial comments are capitalized ! Please read the following sections : (Feel free to read more!) 1.1, 1.2, 2.2.2 (pg 9 only), 2.4, 3.2, 3.4, 4.0, 4.1, 4.3 Big Picture An Earth-attached and thus rotating reference frame is almost always used for the analysis of the atmosphere and ocean. The equation of motions transformed into a general rotating frame includes two terms that involve the rotation rate — a centrifugal term and a Coriolis term. In the special case of an Earth-attached frame the centrifugal term is exactly balanced (CANCELLED) by a small tangential component of gravitational mass attraction and thus drops out of the dynam- ical equations (I REFERRED TO THIS IN CLASS AS “USING UP SOME OF GRAVITY” -- SEE HOLTON FIGURE 1.6 FOR g* vs g). The term that remains, Coriolis, is a part of the accel- eration seen from an inertial frame (I.E., FIXED FRAME), but is interpreted as a force (an appar- ent force) when we solve for the acceleration seen from the rotating frame. The rotating frame perspective gives up the properties of global momentum conservation and invariance to Galilean transformations<WHAT IS THIS? LOOK IT UP!!!, but leads to a greatly simplified analysis of geophysical flows. The Coriolis force has a very simple mathematical form, , where is the rotation vector and is the velocity observed from the rotating frame. The Coriolis force acts to deflect the velocity without changing the speed and gives rise to two important modes of motion or balances within the momentum equation. WHAT ARE THESE? YOU HAVE TO KNOW THEM TO PASS THIS CLASS. Price Document Highlights: Section 1.2 “But in this essay we take the time to indulge our curiosity — what is the Coriolis force? From the literature we might find any one of several plausible answers, that it is an acceleration, a pseudo force, a virtual force, an apparent force (our choice ), and most equivocal of all, a fictitious correc-
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price_coriolis_summary - Summary of important/relevant...

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