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ECE 1551 Digital Logic Course: Dr. John Hadjilogiou E-mail: Lab Instructor: Ashwin Acharya E-mail: Course Website: (Section 1) HTML/JAVA Script (Week 1-3) (Section 2) Visio (Week 4-6) (Section 3) Xilinx Simulation and Hardware Implementation (Week 7~) All Labs are worth of 10 points. Lab report must include the following information: a) A cover page with the following information Course name & number (ECE 1551) Your name Date performed Lab name & number Lab Instructor name b) Description of the work done in Lab Introduction Procedure Theoretical explanation Code and Code description in details Output Difficulties observed Conclusion LAB REQUIREMENTS 1. Each student is expected to be in the classroom at the expected start of class time . Please be advised that being late can affect your grade as well as your learning. 2. You are required to have read the material before coming to class. This expedites your
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