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3241: Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Name: _________________ Concept Quiz #4 The purpose of this concept quiz is to examine the application momentum equation for part of a control surface analysis. The momentum equation is: ( 29 = + F dS n U U dV U dt d S V d d d d ˆ ρ What is the y-component of momentum flux across this surface? Assume steady flow, no
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Unformatted text preview: accelerations, constant density. (1) u 2 ( A)sin( )sin( ) (2) u 2 ( A)sin( )sin( ) (3) u 2 ( A)cos( )cos( ) (4) u 2 ( A)cos( )cos( ) (5) u 2 ( A)sin( )cos( ) (6) u 2 ( A)sin( )cos( ) (7) I have no idea how to do this x U n A y...
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