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3241.CQ5 Solution

3241.CQ5 Solution - 3241 Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics...

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3241: Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Name: _____Solution____ Concept Quiz #5 Consider again the example of the rocket on a thrust stand discussed in class. An actual rocket in flight is not attached to a thrust stand and is free to rapidly accelerate through the atmosphere and into orbit. The momentum equation complete describes this motion. ( 29 = + F dS n U U dV U dt d S V d d d d ˆ ρ ρ Look again at the rocket on the test stand, but now assume that the test stand connection with the rocket breaks and the rocket is free to accelerate to the left, as shown in the drawing below: Using the given parameters in the figure and taking a control volume that is fixed to the rocket and accelerates with it, what is the time rate of change of momentum (first term in the momentum equation) within the control volume? Be careful of the signs. The velocity of the rocket, or the velocity of the control volume, is traveling in a direction opposite to the positive x-direction associated with the sign convention. The velocity of the control volume (or rocket) is a vector quantity and is: -V
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