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3241.CQ7 Solution

3241.CQ7 Solution - MAE 3241 Aerodynamics and Flight...

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Unformatted text preview: MAE 3241: Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Name: §OZ U 7704/ January 31, 2004 Concept Quiz #7 A two dimensionafi, incompressible flow field is given by the veiocity field: V 2 3y? + 219"" 1 Does this flow tieid satisf c t' ‘ ‘7 20a i7 ha y on mm C4 775F443 9AM 9v“ 7 "99"“)?(J; “i“ 5....(2x): O “f" 0 CaMV/uaxfl, ax+ 9a :0 f If so find the suefl function \;:(x,y) and roughly sketch the streamline for \pr 1n the x—y plane '" 561’“ ////,x;’ Z/M / ”77:2an Wei-We” .foiifiifiérf ...
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