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3241.CQ10 - difference.”(p.241 4 th Edition Using a few...

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MAE 3241: Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics Name: _________________ Concept Quiz #10 1. The text book states for a cylinder in cross-flow (which is composed of the summation of uniform flow with a doublet) that: “… all the flow inside ψ =0 (inside the circle) comes from the doublet, and all the flow outside ψ =0 (outside the circle) comes from uniform flow. Therefore, we can replace the flow inside the circle by a solid body, and the external flow will not know the
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Unformatted text preview: difference.” (p.241, 4 th Edition). Using a few sentences, explain why it is that we can assert this? 2. Consider the non-lifting flow over a circular cylinder of a given radius, where V ∞ is, say 10 m/s. If V ∞ is doubled to 20 m/s, keeping the circulation the same, does the shape of the streamline pattern change? Briefly, explain why or why not....
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