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MTH 2201/2202Differential Equations/Linear Algebra- Spring- 2008 Instructor: Dr. Gnana Bhaskar Tenali Office: S 317 Phone: 674-7213 email: [email protected] Home Page: Lecture: MW – 3.00pm – 3.50pm S230 TR - 2.00pm – 3.15pm A102 Office hours: TR 10am-11am and by appointment Course content Differential Equations: First order Differential Equations: Separable, Exact and Linear; second / higher order Linear Differential Equations with Constant Coefficients; Methods of Undetermined Coefficients and Variation of Parameters. Cauchy Euler Equations, Series solutions: power series solutions Linear Algebra : Matrices, Algebraic system of equations: Existence and general properties of solutions, determinants, Eigen values and Eigen vectors. Vector Spaces: Definitions, examples, Subspaces, Bases and Dimension. Systems of ODE : First order systems of Differential Equations with constant coefficients: Homogenous Systems, Nonhomogeneous Systems, Phase Portraits and Stability. Laplace Transforms
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This note was uploaded on 02/11/2012 for the course MTH 2201 taught by Professor Kigaradze during the Spring '08 term at FIT.

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decourseinfosummer2007 - MTH 2201/2202Differential...

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