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ANTHRO 363 chapter 5

ANTHRO 363 chapter 5 - uncles and aunts in generation of...

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ANTHRO 363 CHAPTER 5 - Adultery common people want to commit adultery hence the rules against it - Squaw dance- go after guy and he tries to escape - Sexual jealousy exists o Jealous husbands may kill men o Give gifts for sex $ - Polynesia men cheat - Brother sister marriage- Incoa Ancient Egypt, Hawaii, Dahomey of West Africa - Pleasure is bad (St. Augistine) - Patrilineal o Son calls uncle father o Cousins parallel to you
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Unformatted text preview: uncles and aunts in generation of parents -Cousins generation brother and sister-Niece and nephew o Gender-Cousin does not contain gender (unisex)-What components? o Gender- no o Generation- yes o Consinguenial- yes-Unilineage o Can not marry fathers brothers kids (patrilineal)-Should marry cross cousins -Isolated bands maladaptive...
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