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ANTHROPOLOGY 363 CHAPTER 1 - Family is a social group characterized by common residence, economic corporation, and reproduction - Globalization shrinks family and diminishes it’s importance by definition, globalization= everywhere, but few societies still relatively isolated - Every society has marriage- everyone has celebration - Compromised of 2 adults of opposite sexes and at least 1 or more children - Nuclear Family o Married man and woman with their offspring o 1 or more additional people may reside o Recognized to the exclusion of all others by our own society - Polygamous Family o 2 or more nuclear families affiliated by plural marriages o AKA: having 1 married parent in common o 1 man play role of father in several nuclear families and unites them into a larger family group - Extended Family o 2 or more nuclear families affiliated through an extension of parent- child relationship o Joining nuclear family of married adult to that of his parents o Older man, wife, unmarried children, married children, spouse, their kids - Marriage o Socially legitimate sexual union= not against the law o Begun with public announcement (elaborate ceremony) and under taken
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