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Chapter 10 Homework Solutions 11/29/10 12. a) The behavior of the liquid will not change. The liquid molecules are in close contact with each other and will remain so. Assuming there is a space above the liquids in each container, a little more of the liquid will evaporate in the larger container, but all of its other properties will remain the same. Gas molecules are widely separated and that separation will increase in a larger container. A number of properties change (e.g. density), but most importantly pressure drops. This is because the gas molecules have further to travel to strike a wall. Since gas molecules strike the wall less frequently, the force acting on the wall is reduced and the pressure is lower. b) As liquids, H 2 O ( ) and CCl 4 ( ) molecules are in constant contact with each other. Water is a polar molecule while CCl 4 is non-polar. Each would prefer to associate with other molecules of itself. In the gas phase, molecules are widely separated, and except for collisions have no interaction with other molecules. For this reason, gas molecules of these two substances form a homogeneous mixture. This would be true of any collection of gas phase molecules. c) Liquid molecules are packed fairly tightly together, in other words each liquid molecule is literally touching its next door neighbors. Gases are widely separated (hundreds of molecular diameters or more). The masses of the vast majority of gases in a milliliter volume would be too small to conveniently weigh. 20. a) (0.850 atm) atm 1 torr 760 = 646 torr b) (785 torr) atm 1 Pa 101,325 torr 760 atm 1 = 1.05 x 10 2 kPa c) (655 mmHg) mmHg 760 atm 1 = 0.862 atm d) (1.323 x 10 5 Pa) Pa 101,325 atm 1 = 1.306 atm e) (2.50 atm) Pa 10 bar 1 atm 1 Pa 101,325 5 = 2.53 bar 24. a) P atm = (0.966 atm) 760 1 mmHg atm = 734.2 torr P gas = 734.2 torr - 15.4 torr = 719 torr
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211chp10 - Chapter 10 Homework Solutions 11/29/10 12. a)...

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