key3 - Chemistry 211 Fall 2010 Test 3 Name Please Print h =...

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Chemistry 211 Name: __________________________ Fall 2010 Please Print Test 3 h = 6.626 x 10 -34 J•s Multiple Choice: (4 points each. Put answers in left margin as capital letters .) 1. A particular solution of iron(III) chloride must have [Cl - ] = 0.244 M. How much iron(III) chloride must be dissolved in 125 mL of water to achieve this concentration of chloride ion? A) 0.98 g B) 1.08 g C) 1.28 g D) 1.65 g E) 2.89 g 2. Which of the following sets of quantum numbers is not permissible? (n, , m ) A) 2, 1, 1 C) 4, 2, 1 E) 5, 4, -1 B) 3, 3, 0 D) 4, 1, -1 3. The photoelectric effect explains all of the following for a metal surface except : A) why low energy light does not eject electrons. B) why increasing light intensity increases the number of electrons, but not their energy. C) why increasing light energy increases the energy of ejected electrons, but not their number. D) why there is a sudden onset of electrons ejected from a metal surface. E) why the ejected electrons display a characteristic pattern when striking the target . 4. Which quantum number defines the shape of an orbital? A) n B) C) m D) m s E) None of them do. 5. For electrons at the same n value, which orbital type has the highest effective nuclear charge? A) s B) p C) d D) f 6. Which of the following is a molecular oxide? A) CaO
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key3 - Chemistry 211 Fall 2010 Test 3 Name Please Print h =...

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