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Project 7 – Implementation/Maintenance: DML/DCL IT 3233 – Database Design and Implementation Dr. Cheryl Aasheim Introduction: In the previous projects your team completed an initial conceptual and logical data model (ER diagram, data dictionary, relational schema and 3NF relations), created the database for myTunes and created SQL statements to query the new database system. With the design phase completed and the implementation phase started, your team is ready to design procedures to automate the queries written in the previous step. Write Stored Procedures: Put all TSQL commands written in this section in a Word document and label them according to the problem number to which each corresponds. Using the database provided in GA View , write the TSQL procedures to: 1. Change the password for customer specified by ID to “password”. Name: usp_assign7number1 CREATE PROCEDURE usp_assign7number1 @password char ( 20 ) AS SELECT Password FROM Customer WHERE Password = @password ; 2. Delete an errant purchase specified by customerID and songID. Name:
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3025038110231 - Project 7 Implementation/Maintenance...

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