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Project3 - Song_ID Date SONG Song_ID Name Price ALBUMSONG...

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Jenna Sicard, Marshall Brown, Ted Voyles Group 8 September 22, 2011 Project 3: Relational Schema DEVICE DeviceID Device_Type Acc ount _Numb er ACCOUNT Account_Numb er Computer_ID Credit_Card_Nu m Cus tomer_ ID CUSTOMER Customer_I D Fname Lname Email User_name Password CUSTOMERSONG Customer_ID
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Unformatted text preview: Song_ID Date SONG Song_ID Name Price ALBUMSONG Song_ID Album_ID ALBUM Album_ID Title Price SONGARTIST Song_ID Artist_ID ARTIST Artist_ID Fname lname ARTISTGENRE Artist_ID G_Name GENRE G_Name Description SongGenre Song_ID G_Name...
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