assignmentHCJ - ul{display:none;} . • When onmouseover...

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Assignment - HCJ (50 points) Download files from GAView and use them as your starting point. Modify contactUs.html page, so when you click AL, GA, or SC, the associated store address will be displayed next to the image map. The addresses are stored in an array (See PPT example). Add the following features to products.html : An album image and price in one row. The album title and an unordered list of songs in the row below using colspan=”2” Title is visible and the unordered list is hidden at initial state by defining
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Unformatted text preview: ul{display:none;} . • When onmouseover and onmouseout of images, 2 event handlers(functions) do the following: When the mouse is over the image, (1) the unordered list will be displayed, (2) the album image will have a border. When the mouse is off the image, reverse back. You need to pass 2 arguments to the functions: (1) reserve word this , (2) id of the list you want to display or hide (See PPT example). Grading Criteria Points products.html 20 contactUs.html 20 Validation 10 Total 50 Late work...
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assignmentHCJ - ul{display:none;} . • When onmouseover...

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