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AgeofCrinoids3-31-05 - 30 Tatr 29 Dora 28 Djhu 27 Guad 26...

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2c0719fd282c517bb4eee603efc91eee903ec14e.xls 30 Tatr 29 Dora 28 Djhu 27 Guad 26 Leon Artinskian 25 Sakm 24 Asse & Wolf 23 Step 22 Mosc 21 Bash 20 Serp 19 Vise 18 Tour 17 Fame 16 Fras 15 Give 14 Eife 13 Emsi 12 Sieg Pragian 11 Gedi Lochkovian 10 Prid 9 Ludl 8 Wenl 7 Ldov 6 Ashg 5 Cara 4 Llde 3 Llvi 2 Aren 1 Trem
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Updated data by review of the literature by Kammer and Ausich Generic names in CAPS are new genera added to Sepkoski, 2002. Stage names in CAPS are revised ranges. Cl. CRINOIDEA Or. DIPLOBATHRIDA Acanthocrinus D (Emsi-l) D (Give) Ambicocrinus D (Gedi-l) Apurocrinus D (Emsi) Cadisocrinus D (Give-l) Condylocrinus D (Eife) Cribanocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Vise-l) Diamenocrinus D GEDI D (Emsi) Dimerocrinites S (Ldov-u) D (Eife)? DUNCANICRINUS D GEDI EUCRINUS S WENL D GEDI Eudimerocrinus S (Ludl) D GEDI Gilbertsocrinus D (Give-l) C (Vise-l) Griphocrinus D (Eife) D (Give) HOLLOWAYCRINUS D GEDI Lemennocrinus D (Eife-u) Macarocrinus D (Emsi-l) Monstrocrinus D (Emsi-u) D (Eife) Neoarchaeocrinus O (Cara-m) D (Gedi)? Nexocrinus S (Ldov) D GEDI Ophiocrinus D GEDI Opsiocrinus D (Give-l) Orthocrinus D SIEG D (Eife)? Perunocrinus D (Sieg) D (Emsi-l) Pterinocrinus D (Emsi) D (Fras) Rhipidocrinus D (Eife) D (Give) Rhodocrinites C SIEG C SERP Shidianocrinus D (m) Sphaerotocrinus D (Gedi) Spyridiocrinus D (Sieg) D (Emsi) Thylacocrinus D SIEG D (Give) Or. MONOBATHRIDA Aacocrinus C (Tour-l) C BASH Abactinocrinus D FAME C (Tour-l) Abatocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Vise-l) Acacocrinus S (Ldov-m) D (Give) Acrocrinus C (Vise-u) C (Serp-l) Actinocrinites D FAME P GUAD ADELOCRINUS D FAME Agaricocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Vise-l) Agathocrinus D (Emsi)? D (Fame-u) Alloprosallocrinus C (Vise-l) Amonohexacrinus D (Emsi)? Amphoracrinus C (Tour-l) C VISE Amphoracrocrinus C VISE C (Serp-l)? Ancalocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Tour-u) Aorocrinus D (Give) C (Vise-l) Arthroacantha D (Emsi-l) D (Fras)? Aryballocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Vise-l) Athabascacrinus D FAME C (Tour-u) AULINOCRINUS D SIEG Auliskocrinus C (Vise-l) Azygocrinus C TOUR Batocrinus C (Vise-l) C (Vise-u) Beyrichocrinus D (Sieg-l) Blairocrinus C (Tour-l) C BASH Bogotacrinus D (Emsi)?, D (Eife)? Boliviacrinus D (Eife) Brahmacrinus C (Tour-u) Cactocrinus C (Tour-u) Calliocrinus S (Wenl-u) D (l) Camarocrinus S (Prid) D (Gedi) Camptocrinus C (Vise-l) C (Serp-l) Cantharocrinus D (Emsi-l) Carpocrinus S (Ldov-m) D (Sieg) Caucacrocrinus C (Step-l) Centriocrinus D (Eife-l) Cerasmocrinus D (Fras) Chinacrinus D (Fame-l) Clarkeocrinus D (Eife) D (Give) Clematocrinus S (Ludlov-m) D GEDI Coelocrinus C (Tour-u) Comanthocrinus D EIFE D (Give) Cordylocrinus S (Ludl)? D (Gedi) Corocrinus D (Emsi) D (Give) Craterocrinus D (Eife) Ctenocrinus S (Ludl) D (Eife)? Culicocrinus D (Emsi-u) Cusacrinus C (Tour-l) C (Tour-u) Cytidocrinus C TOUR Cyttarocrinus D EIFE D (Give-u) DENARIOCRINUS C MOSC Dialutocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Tour-u) Dichocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Mosc-u) Dilatocrinus C (Tour-u) Dinacrocrinus C (Mosc-u) C (Step-l) Displodocrinus C (Tour-l) C (Tour-u) Dizygocrinus C (Vise-l) C (Vise-u) Dolatocrinus D (Emsi) D (Give) Dorycrinus C (Tour-l) C (Vise-l) Ectocrinus C (Vise-u) C SERP Eretmocrinus C (Tour-l) C MOSC Eucalyptocrinites S (Ldov) D (Eife) Eucladocrinus C (Tour-u) C (Vise-l) Eutrochocrinus C (Tour-u) C (Vise-l) Eumorphocrinus D FAME C (Vise-l) Exsulacrinus
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AgeofCrinoids3-31-05 - 30 Tatr 29 Dora 28 Djhu 27 Guad 26...

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