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Avian Biology 1/20/12 Tree of life - Bird thermoregulation evolved from its own common ancestor, not one shared with human beings - Archaeopteryx- oldest bird fossil (1861) o Same Feathers, bill, vertebral column, claws Long neck Assymetrical wings, closer to flight bird as opposed to symmetrical feater of flight bird Pointed skull Large furcula (fusing of the collarbone and wishbone, attachment point for flight muscle) o Different Large hind limbs Doesn’t have fused hand bones Long tail bones (not a pygostyle, the compressed modern bird tail)
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Unformatted text preview: More bone in lower jaw (heavy jaw) Teeth Small win area Smaller brain case Smaller sternum No unsinate processes-Key evolutionary innovations o Things that, once evolved, evolution can play with. o Allow for major adaptive radiation-Where does flight come from? o Its a mix of needing to go up, glide down, and go a little bit. o Not an individual reason, like the cursorial or arboreal hypothesis...
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