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Avian 1-27 - back)s-Outer wing o If angle of attack is...

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Avian 1/27 Flight - 4 forces affecting it o Gravity o Lifting o Thrust o Drag - Wing generates most of lift and thrust, body adds drag (body can generate a tiny bit of lift) - Downstroke=/= upstroke in cockatiels o Upstroke is pulled in o Different for different species o Inner wing used for lift, outer wing generates thrust - Inner Wing o Differential airflow between top camber and bottom camber create lift Lower pressure on top and greater on bottom, due to air attached to the wing (attached to each other with viscous interactions) o Angle of attack= from leading edge to trailing edge (straight line from front to
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Unformatted text preview: back)s-Outer wing o If angle of attack is repositioned to twist forward, now air passes over wing so that lift has a forward component-Slowing down o Go into stalled flight (15 degree angle of attack) o Causes detached flow because packets of air unable to remain attached o Severe turbulence reduces lift-Gliding Flight o Wings out, stiff, rely on wings and air currents-Flapping flight o But not increased spread directly from this-Look at tail...
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