Psychology 1-23

Psychology 1-23 - controlled setting Correlation-...

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Psychology 1/23 Chapter 1 - Psych experimentation gathers data to backup beliefs and ideas o First 1870, awareness test - Common sense o Hindsight bias- look back thinking that the outcome could have been predicted “should have known that. .” o Overconfidence- think we know more than we do - Research o Research bias Big problems with self-report o 3 types of research methods Descriptive- describe but do not explain behaviors i.e. this and this happen. Uses case study, studies one person o Advantage- unique possibilities o Disadvantages- cannot generalize results, may have misleading info if atypical situation o Suggests further research Uses survey- gets info from multiple o Advantage- many cases at once o Disadvantage- dependent on wording, assuming on knowledge, needs representative sample, Natural Observation- observes those in natural environment o Advantage- can view things that can’t be reproduced in
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Unformatted text preview: controlled setting Correlation- associates factors together i.e. this happens often when this happens. Not causation Experiment- manipulating a factor to learn its effect i.e. fixing this causes change in this uses experimental and control groups, all of which have to be equitable confounding variables- unrelated factor that could be causing change advantage- shows causation, has standardization, useful for planning disadvantage- observer bias, placebo effect, not always appropriate-Ethics o Lots of research done on rats. o Guideline Obtained informed consent Stress must be temporary and justifiable Participant can terminate at any time Participant is confidential Fully explain research after o Monitored by American Psychological Association and Institutional Review Board...
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Psychology 1-23 - controlled setting Correlation-...

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