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AST 4723 Project Requirements Overview: During the course of the semester you will be required to complete an independent project reducing and analyzing imaging data. These projects will be conducted either individually or in two person teams due the limited number of available computers. Project Requirements: 1. The project must have a well-defined, quantitative goal that will be achieved by the end of the semester. One example would be to obtain a color-magnitude diagram for a globular cluster. Obtaining a nice image is not a sufficient goal. 2. The goal of the project must be scientifically interesting. Acceptable examples including obtaining the light curve for a variable object (e.g. for a transiting planet or for an asteroid to measure its rotational period), or measuring the magnitude of the main sequence turnoff for a globular cluster. 3. The project must be feasible. For observational projects the targets must be observable early in the semester. Either the RHO 30” or CTO 12” can be used for this project. A new camera has recently been installed on the 30” with a wider field-of-view, simplifying pointing and making observations of extended objects easier. For archival projects the necessary data must be available in the archive. For all projects the scope should be such that the work can be completed by the end of the semester. 4. The project must include data taken in a minimum of two filters. Projects that require only one filter for the primary objective are acceptable if data in a second filter is also processed. The one exception is for projects that are targeting a variable object, in which case one filter may be acceptable depending on the science. Project Types: There are three types of acceptable projects. 1. Archival. For archival projects each person/team will select an archival data set to analyze during the course of the semester. The restrictions on this data set are that it must be optical imaging data and must satisfy the project requirements above. The archival data should also be obtained as raw data (i.e. not fully processed imaging, as is available for HST) unless the scope of the planned analysis is sufficiently compelling that the instructor grants an exemption to this restriction. The best source of data for an archival project is the ESO archive, which contains data from all the ESO telescopes. For all projects you are encouraged to verbally verify that the data set is appropriate prior to writing the
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AST4723ProjectRequirements - AST 4723 Project Requirements...

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