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AST 4723 Lab 4: PyRAF/IRAF Tutorials Objective: The purpose of the lab this week is for you to gain experience using PyRAF/IRAF. For this purpose you will be working through a series of three IRAF tutorials produced by the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO). While originally designed specifically for IRAF, they have been modified slightly to be compatible with PyRAF. You should be able to complete these tutorials using either IRAF or PyRAF. It is at your discretion to select which environment you would prefer to use, but PyRAF is strongly recommended. For this lab you will be expected to work autonomously with minimal guidance from your instructors. The design of the lab is such that it should mimic how you would be expected to learn new skills or software in a graduate program. Note that if you require clarification there are also other useful guides to IRAF on the web. One particularly clear page can be found at: . Your lab notebooks will be collected on Thursday, September 23. Your are required by
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