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Assignment Grading Rubric - Discuss how the codes...

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AC 562 Assignment Grading Rubric Checklist for Earning the Maximum Points Example of using bold to identify the requirements that you are responding to (Week 1 assignment) Visit the websites for the Institute of Internal Auditor and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners: How do the codes complement each other? Discuss how the codes complement each other. Provide three other notable points of information from each site that either you learned for the first time or have found useful in your current work role. Provide this information here. Why are standards important in these fields? Discuss why standards are important in these fields. As the code of ethics, do the standards complement each other?
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Unformatted text preview: Discuss how the codes complement each other. Purpose of identifying requirements in bold? For your instructor to be able to quickly determine if you have responded to the requirements. Note: APA style is not required. You will not be graded on APA style. Weekly Assignment Self-Grading Checklist For weekly written assignments. 10 Pt Assign 30 Pt Assign I have included: Points Points Response to Requirements, Grammar, Punctuation, Readability, Style 8.00 24.00 Over 400 words 1.00 3.00 Use bold to identify the requirements (see example below) 1.00 3.00 Total Points 10.0 30.0...
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