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AC 562-Assignment Summary Here is a summary of the five (5) written assignments for each week from your textbook, articles, and web sites. Be sure to follow the Assignment Grading Rubric under Doc Sharing to earn the maximum 10 or 30 points for each assignment (some assignments are 10 points and others are 30 points). As indicated in the rubric, your responses to these cases should be at least 400 words each and you should include the requirements in BOLD. You must use MS Word to prepare your assignment and you should submit to the Drop Box for the particular week. Feel free to complete these assignments before the deadlines if you wish. WEEK 1- Visit the websites for the Institute of Internal Auditor and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. In particular, read the code of ethics for both organizations at: How do the codes complement each other? Provide three other notable points of information from
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