Course Project Summary and Guidance (2)

Course Project Summary and Guidance (2) - AC 562 COURSE...

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AC 562- COURSE PROJECT SUMMARY AND GUIDANCE Guidance from Professor I am providing some additional guidance to you here. There is no right or wrong answer to this project. Groups are free to use their creativity. Make sure, however, that you address the requirements for each week (beginning with week 2). I have reproduced the COURSE PROJECT information from the COURSE HOME area (on eCollege). Please read through this carefully. Where to go for guidance? Use your Reider operational review workbook. The Joe Sorry Case can be used as a format. Use whatever other sources you like also. You should also see the sample Course Project Table of Contents in Doc Sharing. Your reports should follow this format for the phases at a minimum How to submit your weekly group course project? Only the team leader or designee should submit to the Course Project drop box each week. I do not want multiple copies submitted to the drop box each week-only one per group. A cover page should include the title of the assignment for the week, your team, and your team members. Identify the Team Leader on your cover page. Use the cover page for each week and a table of contents (see Doc Share for a sample). Cover Page Comment If a particular team member did not contribute or contributed only minimally for that week, leave their name off the cover page. I will know to assign them 0 points for the week. At the end of the 3 rd week, non participating members will be asked to complete a solo project. What to submit? Only submit the requirements for the week. Do not include prior week requirements in your weekly submissions. Your team leader should keep the cumulative document. For example, for week 3, only submit the requirements for week 3 do not include the requirements from week 2. Submit only 1 MS Word document each week. You can copy and paste Excel data into your word document. What do we do during week 7? This is the time to edit your final document. If you do a good job of submitting the requirements for each week, it should be easy to put this all together in week 7. All team members should submit (to the drop box) your final project during week 7 (This is a DeVry requirement). Submit your team member or peer evaluations during this week also. Each team member will evaluate other team members and submit to the same week 7 Course Project drop box (only the professor has access to this). How to Submit Peer Evaluations? Use the Week 7 Course Project Drop Box to submit your Peer Evaluations for your Course Project. Use the Excel file under Doc Sharing for this purpose. Do not email me your Peer Evaluations. Use worksheets within the file for each team member. Do not evaluate yourself. Please summarize your evaluations for each team member in the Dialogue Box before submitting your peer evaluation forms. This helps me to quickly see the evaluations. For example, Ahmed-4, Jones -4, etc. How long should our project be?
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Course Project Summary and Guidance (2) - AC 562 COURSE...

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