Experiment_19_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part I

Experiment_19_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part I -...

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19 1 Experiment 19 The Split-Phase inductor Motor - Part I OBJECTIVE To examine the construction of a split-phase motor. To measure the resistance of its windings. DISCUSSION Some means must be provided for getting two phases from the standard single-phase power supplied to homes if it is to be used to start and run an AC motor. The process of deriving two phases from one is known as phase-splitting and is usually built into the stator circuit of the AC motor. Two-phase power creates the rotating magnetic field. One method is a special auxiliary winding built into the stator called the start (auxiliary) winding to differentiate it from the actual run (main) winding of the stator. In split-phase AC motors, the start winding is used only for starting the motor and has a high resistance and low inductive reactance. The run winding has low resistance and high reactance. When power is first applied, both windings are energized. Because of their different inductive reactance, the run winding current lags the start winding current, creating a phase difference between the two. Ideally, the phase difference should be 90º; but in practical motors, it is much less. Nevertheless, the windings develop fields that are out of phase, which creates a rotating magnetic field in the stator. This applies torque to the rotor, starting the motor. When the motor gets up to operating speed, the rotor is able to follow the alternations of the magnetic field created by the run winding without the field of the start winding. The start
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Experiment_19_The_Split-Phase_inductor_Motor - Part I -...

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